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Computer Office Work

On Demand Deliverables Outsourcing is the ability for B2B consumers to outsource one or more paper documents to your practice. Deliverables are any type of technical, functional, strategy, or operations document such as business plans, project plans, contracts, process flows, requirements documents, design documents, and more.

Deliverables Outsourcing engagements can be scoped, priced, quoted, and contracted in real-time using RealTime PSO. The consumer can sign off on the engagement in real-time (or at a later date). Once contracts are signed; work (fulfillment) can immediately begin in RealTime PSO as well. Work is fulfilled 100% in the cloud or on-premise contingent on client preference.

Deliverables Outsourcing is the beginning of larger engagements. A Deliverables Outsourcing engagement can last weeks and involve one or more practitioners.

A Deliverables Outsourcing engagement is considered a macro engagement. Macro engagements require scoping.

Click to view a Deliverables Outsourcing revenue potential example.


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