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Working Together on Project

On Demand Project Outsourcing is the largest adhoc service that can be sold and delivered on demand using RealTime PSO. Any type of project (strategy, technical and change management) can be sold and delivered using RealTime PSO. Projects can be delivered 100% in the cloud, on premise or utilize a hybrid model.


RealTime PSO encompasses program and project management features to ensure smooth and comprehensive delivery. RealTime PSO also contains Remote Control features that enable a practitioner to take over a client's computer remotely if necessary to fulfill a project engagement in the cloud.

Project Outsourcing engagements are scoped, priced, quoted, and contracted in real-time and delivered accordingly. Projects can last weeks, months, or years depending on the complexity. Where once professional services and staff augmentation practices depended almost solely on responding to RFPs for business; today consumers are empowered to simply make a phone call or visit your firm's RealTime PSO Community to outsource work. 

A Project Outsourcing engagement is considered a macro engagement. Macro engagements require scoping.

Click to view a Project Outsourcing revenue example.


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