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Virtual Team Meeting

On Demand Staff Augmentation deals with projects. The difference is, the on-demand client isn't contacting your Center of Excellence to outsource an engagement. Instead, the consumer is looking to augment its own in-house team with one or more resources from your practice to follow their leadership and/or direction. 


On Demand Staff Augmentation differs from the traditional staff augmentation model during the hiring and delivery stage. A consumer can literally contact your COE, inform of specifications, interview candidates 'on the spot' using video or audio conferencing, have the engagement scoped, priced, quoted, and contracted in real-time, and have the selected candidates begin work immediately after contracting. Contractors can fulfill work 100% in the cloud or on-premise using RealTime PSO.

A Staff Augmentation engagement is considered a macro engagement. Macro engagements require scoping.

Click to view a Staff Augmentation revenue example.


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