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Get your on demand practice up and running in 90 days or less. 


RealTime PSO includes out of box Flows to aid you in getting up and running in no time at all. Flows are automated business processes included in RealTime PSO. Flow business processes are pre-configured for on demand operations, out-of-box, minimizing time to market and the need for an implementation.


Flows are available for all price plans. However, Flows must be used 'as is'.  If Flow customization is preferred, RealTime PSO Expert Services will be required.

  • Get a free trial

  • Create one or more on demand operations

  • License

  • Configure
    RealTime PSO

  • Configure Amazon Connect

  • Launch on demand operations promotions

  • Train practitioners

  • Begin on demand operations

Step 1

Get a free 30-day trial. This is the first step to exponentially increase practice revenue.
  • Create one or more On Demand Operation Forecast scenarios
Use RealTime PSO's On Demand Operations Forecast Wizard while in trial to quickly determine revenue potential, on demand operation costs, resources required, the number of licenses needed, ROI, TCO, and more. Practice leadership can create as many scenarios as necessary. Save the scenarios and then choose the best scenario for your practice. This scenario becomes your practice's on demand operations go-to-market strategy.
Step 2
  • License

Licensing will commence after the 30-day trial period. You may cancel the trial anytime before the 30 day period is up.
  • Configure software (RealTime PSO and Amazon Connect)
Configuration requires minimal set up.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 3
  • Launch on demand practice promotions

Now its time to execute your go-to-market strategy. Begin promoting your on-demand capabilities. You can promote for net-new customers or re-engineer your existing customer base-- and still acquire net-new customers because of RealTime PSO's micro and macro engagement features as well as on-demand ad hoc and service account models

Net New Customer Strategy
A practice may choose to promote its on-demand capabilities for net-new customers. This may be accomplished by running television, radio, and social media ads. 
Net New Customer Strategy within an Existing Customer Base
RealTime PSO is a tremendous practice differentiation strategy. A practice may market to an existing customer base by authoring white papers, participating in trade shows, using pull-through marketing channels such as consultants on existing engagements and existing sales forces. 

Whatever your choice; making new and existing customers aware of your practice's on demand capabilities will require a promotions strategy. Remember, promotions drive call volume, call volume drives revenue!
Step 4
Step 4
  • Train sales and delivery practitioners
Train your staff: employees or contractors.
RealTime PSO offers product and on demand operations training. See Expert Services.
  • Begin On Demand Practice Operations
Start counting your revenue and begin optimizing for more.

That's It. Eazy Peazy!!! 

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